Perfect environmentally-friendly recreation…

Take a trip and go angling as you like aboard a comfortable boat that you can operate without a marine licence

Hajóink akár 8625 Ft/órától bérelhetőek*

*Az ár 8 órás Hajóbérlés esetén széplaki indulással érvényes.

Az alacsony vízàllàs miatt a Cruiser ès a Hurricane hajò csak bòjàròl tud indulni,be kell hozzá menni a vízbe kb. 200 mètert kell gyalogolni tèrdig èrö vízben......


Travel without noise or smoke. Enjoy the trip without further costs: no fuel cost

No marine licence

The boat has an electric inboard engine so if you are above 20 you can operate it on Lake Balaton without a marine licence

A roomy interior

Fitted with 6 seats and 4 beds or sun beds, this boat is great for trips, angling and sunbathing

Why E-Cruiser?

This motorboat is electric so you need no marine licence to rent it. It has 6 seats and 4 beds or sun beds. It is great for trips, angling and sunbathing. It has an electric engine so if you are above 20 you can operate it on Lake Balaton without a marine licence.

Amennyiben viharjelzés nincs érvényben 1500 méterre lehet a parttól eltávolodni. Sárga viharjelzés esetén maximum 500 méterre lehet eltávolodni vele a parttól. Piros viharjelzés esetén a hajó nem közlekedhet a Balatonon.

The boat provides 2-8 hours of cruising on a full charge with a draught of 80 cm. If you rent the electric boat for more than one day, you can recharge the battery in every port of Balaton. Benefits:

Travel without noise or smoke,
without marine license
No further costs (no fuel cost)
A comfortable interior even for whole-day angling


I’d call this boat a cruiser as it was not designed for speeding but if you feel like wakeboarding you can get to the cable park of my friend Vaszil on Bamboo Island within an hour.

A unique opportunity

A unique opportunity Take this great opportunity to ride a small boat watching a wonderful sunset over Balaton with your family, or just take a trip or go angling as you like aboard a comfortable vehicle that can be operated without a marine licence so even you can operate it..

Use this opportunity and take a look at the amazing world of Balaton as you have never seen it before. The boat is a perfect option for angling as it comes with fish radar and offers you extra comfort even on long trips. You can rent the boat for one or more days.

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